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CleverCoin exchange

Yubikey 2FA

I always feel you should protect money with more than just a static password. I already saw that CleverCoin already supports Google Authenticator for two factor authentication. This is a good thing. But sadly Google Authenticator isn't open source anymore since version 2.21 although google Authenticator is still conform to support TOTP(RFC 6238) there is no guarantee it will in the future. So i suggest to add a alternative... more »


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CleverCoin exchange

Content Security Policy HTTP header

The Content Security Policy(CSP) header reduces the damage that can be done when there is a unauthorized content inject or cross site scripting vulnerability and can help CleverCoin automatically detect it.
There is currently(sep 2014) at most 76.51% browser support for it. source: http://caniuse.com/#feat=contentsecuritypolicy

usefull links:
Here's a wizard to help define the CSP header: http://cspisawesome.com
Official... more »


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